Electrician & Wireman

Electrician-TT-I-Lagai-HaiTwo workshop for (TT1 and TT2) have been setup for electrician trade. Both workshops are fully equipped with tools, equipments and machineries required for effective training. The workshops consists of :-

  • Electrical Machines Trainer which is suitable for demonstrating the construction and functioning of different types of DC and AC machines
  • Motor-Generator set (AC to DC)
  • Motor-Generator set (DC to AC)
  • Different types of DC Generator and Motors
  • Different types of AC Motors
  • Thyristor controlled DC and AC drives.
  • AC and DC drives with micro controller
  • Different types of domestic appliances etc.

Download Electrician Syllabus

Theory (TT-1 & TT-2)
Workshop Calculation & Science
Engineering Drawing

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